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Welcome to Ganraj Keyboard Technology India is the manufacturer Company of Customised Membrane Keypads, Illuminated keyboards, Customised and Standard Computer Compatible keyboards, Capacitive keyboards, Metallic keyboards and Industrial Graphic Overlays.

We are based in Pune, the company established in 2012 and our keyboards have been used in Industrial Automation, military, fire, medical, security, aviation, rail and marine.

Our all keyboards are made as per customised designed and manufactured in order to meet all technical and aesthetic requirements of our customers. We are providing the perfect keyboard solution for respective industry which gives freedom in design to our customers.

Also we offering Value Added services which includes
1. Customized HMI design.
2. Embedded system based projects.
3. Home and Hotel Automation switching system.
4. Microprocessor based Instrument design & development.
5. Multilayer PCB Design.
6. Customised IR remote controller.

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